Conference Themes

The topics of this conference include, but are not limited to the following:

Research, development and innovation

  • Challenges of designing and constructing tunnels and underground spaces
  • New technologies
  • Value engineering in underground spaces
  • Digitizing the design and construction of underground structures

Identification and design Criteria

  • Geological, geophysical and geotechnical studies
  • Methods of analysis and design of support systems, technical services, monitoring systems and instrumentation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Risk identification and analysis in tunneling
  • Evaluation of seismic effects

Underground spaces construction technologies

  • Construction methods (mechanized, drill and blast, NATM and cut and cover)
  • Special underground spaces (passive defense, oil and gas storage caverns, and underground mining)
  • Urban underground spaces
  • Trenchless technologies (micro-tunneling, pipe jacking, etc.)

Financial, contractual and managerial issues in underground projects

  • Contractual issues and risk management
  • Design, construction and operation management
  • Providing financial resources, investment and engineering economics
  • Exportation of technical and engineering services

Other topics

  • Regulations and standards related to underground spaces
  • Social and environmental considerations
  • Health and safety in tunneling
  • Architecture in underground spaces
  • Equipments and facilities in underground spaces
  • Operation and maintenance of underground spaces

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